Written Testimonials

Quick, Easy and Effective

"I was very impressed with how my moms treatment went and didn't want to wait for NHS treatment. I am pleased about how quickly my teeth have moved. Overall I am really happy with my results! - George Barrows"

Brilliant service and received great treatment throughout.

"I was unhappy with the look of my teeth and lacked confidence in talking to people. After completing full Invisalign treatment I can enjoy my job in retail talking face to face with people. Really happy with the treatment I received and all the staff have been really friendly and accommodating when I have wanted to change an appointment. Brilliant service and received great treatment throughout. - Lindsay Tomkinson"

I feel amazing after completing my treatment. My confidence has gone up and I am now happy with my smile.

"My experience has been life changing. I am so happy to have had this done. I wanted to feel a lot more confident about myself and my smile. I did some research online and felt that Invisalign would be best for me. I loved the thought of having a kind of brace that no one would know was there! I have had a wonderful experience. Everything was explained to me thoroughly and the team have been excellent. They have always made me feel so welcome and always greet me with a smile. If I had any problems I have always been able to come in and discuss it with them. I feel amazing after completing my treatment. My confidence has gone up and I am now happy with my smile. - Jaden Hall"

First class service, first class results.

"Before my treatment I was self-conscious about my smile, so I decided to see what treatments were available. I wasn't keen to have crowns, or teeth removed, much preferring to keep my own teeth. When i discovered Invisalign and how discreet the treatment was, I decided it was the the perfect option. The service throughout my treatment has been first class. I am thrilled with the end result and now smile with confidence. When I look have at old photos I can't believe the difference! I'll be having my bottom teeth done as soon as possible. - Stuart Banberry"

Brilliant Team, Great Smile

"I came for a visit, saw Oliver and put my trust in him to straighten my teeth. I had wanted to straighten my teeth but have a "fear of dentists". I had invisalign treatment. The team have been absolutely brilliant especially Oliver and Andrea who really put me at ease. I feel so much more confident and happy, I love showing my smile off in photos Oliver is the best dentist I know! - Clare Barrows"

Invisalign has been a fun packed journey with a fantastic team of staff

"I used to get irritated and embarrassed when smiling in front of people because of my bad looking teeth, I decided to get a Invisalign treatment and it was the best decision of my life. every time I met Oliver and the team I received satisfaction that I will end up with a great smile because everyone was friendly and helpful throughout. After the treatment I'm a lot more confident in talking to people and smiling at everyone. - Atif Mahmood "

The Best Decision I have made yet

"The reason why I wanted to change my smile was because I was not happy with the way I looked. I had low confidence and therefore decided to take steps to correct the problem. What motivated me was my friend who also had used MiSmile and had recommended them. Her teeth were perfect! My experience has been a very positive one, fantastic team here at Mismile would recommend them 100% - I feel great, very happy with my smile. - Ansa Javid "

Easy, quick and simple

"Treatment has made me feel more confident - I would have loved my teeth to be pushed back more - however I understand somethings are not possible, overall a good experience - Sarah Nisa "

Very well organised

"Very well organised treatment and would recommend to others - Aqib Nawaz "


"Great experience would definitely recommend to friend and family. Great experience. Sonia Bostan"


"No problems through Invisalign treatment, very efficient and it was worth every penny! Jonathan George "

Shaffia Akhtar

"I wanted to change my smile because I previously had braces when I was younger and was not happy with results, they was making me feel unhappy. The treatment I had done was the invisalign on all of my teeth this course was for 9-10 months. My Journey over this period has been brilliant the team is very friendly and make you feel comfortable. I feel very happy with my treatment it has given me a confidence boost and I can happily smile with confidence."

Fesar Khan

"The whole process with MiSmile was very positive they catered towards my needs and I am glad i used this service"

Anamaria Maxim

"I was always very self conscious about my smile and when I saw that these where on offer at MiSmile for the invisalign treatment I did not love second thoughts and went and booked my first appointment. It was a bit challenging at the beginning wearing the aligners all the time but when you come to see the results you know it's totally worth it. I did not once regret that i had the invisalign treatment."

Daniel Roche

"Wasn’t happy with my smile and lacked confidence feel much happier new treatment is complete. I smile more as I’m less self-conscious about my teeth. Fantastic"

Janice Chen

"I don’t like the gap between my teeth. That’s why I want to take a treatment to change. At very beginning, it was a little bit uncomfortable, when I wore the aligners but after 3 days it all be fine. Now I become more confident after the treatment. "

Luke Gibbons

"I have always had an obsession with my teeth. I refused braces when I was a teenager as I didn’t like the thought of having fixed braces. As soon as I had heard about Invisalign I knew it would be the best option and most hygienic for achieving a smile I would be proud of. I found MiSmile on the internet and booked a consultation with a view to starting treatment straight away. The treatment was easy and the majority of people did not know I was wearing braces. The team at MiSmile were so supportive I cannot recommend them enough if you are thinking about Invisalign treatment. A trouble - free experience due to the superb team at MiSmile"


"Initially, I went to ...... is I should go ahead with Invisalign. After some thought and the initial meeting with Sandeep, I felt it was the best option. Very satisfied with my experience! Thank you very much. Andrea is a star!"