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Teeth whitening

Whether you have a special event coming up or need to look your best every day, nothing will improve your confidence quite like whiter teeth.

You might think you’re alone, but few people have naturally white teeth. Tea, coffee, red wine …even fruit can stain your enamel. But there’s good news. Whitening your teeth at MiSmile Birmingham is quick, safe and easy.

As a standalone treatment or the final part of your smile transformation, MiSmile Birmingham offers a safe and simple service with in-clinic treatment or dental grade gel you can use at home.

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Bonding Before Bonding After

Cosmetic bonding

Sometimes there’s a simple solution to smile imperfections. Gaps, chips, and cracks in your teeth may be solved with cosmetic bonding.

The process uses a material very similar to that used for tooth-coloured fillings. We disguise minor imperfections with resin, which is set or bonded into place using a special light. At MiSmile Birmingham, the process is simple, affordable and often completed in just one appointment.

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Smilemakover Before Smilemakover After

Smile Makeover

A nicer smile can transform your entire appearance. Our full smile makeover treatments range from white fillings, crowns and veneers, to cosmetic treatments like teeth straightening and whitening.

At MiSmile Birmingham, we’ll tailor treatments to you and your needs so you can feel confident in your smile.

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General dentistry

General dentistry is the foundation of a healthy smile. Having a professional assessment and thorough clean of your mouth at least once a year goes a long way to keeping your teeth and gums healthy and bright, today and for the future.

Whether you’d like a routine check up, are interested in hygienist services, or need an emergency appointment, MiSmile Birmingham is here to help you.

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Diamond status Invisalign at MiSmile Birmingham.